ketone history


Our bodies were meant to burn ketones. We have a system within us designed to use ketones as an energy source. Ketones are faster and more efficient than the way our bodies use glucose. Ketones give you 38 percent more energy than you can get from glucose. We as a society are following a deceptive food pyramid. We’re operating in a high carb world where food is abundant.

There was a time, however, that human beings moved in and out of a state of ketosis with the flux of scarcity and abundance. Ketones provided animals and humans with energy in times of famine. Why haven’t we heard about this before? Ketones are a natural product that can’t be sold as a high dollar pharmaceutical, so no drug company is interested. KETO//OS is not an excuse to sit on the couch and drink beer and eat pizza. For best results, you should be following a sensible diet comparable to the Paleolithic Diet or even the Ketogenic Diet for best results.